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We are HIRING!

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Upper McKenzie is filling the Fire Chief’s position. The position is a 30 hour/week position,
salaried. Compensation will be determined based on experience.
Desired certifications and training are: Fire Fighter 2, EMR/EMT, leadership training, budgeting
experience and training.
All interested parties are invited to apply. Application will be in the form of a cover letter, limited
to two pages and a resume with references. Applications are due at the Upper McKenzie
Station 1, 56578 McKenzie Hwy., McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413 by 5 PM, Tuesday, April 9,
Candidates will be discussed and a course of action determined at the next Board meeting, April
15, 2024. There will be a short budget committee meeting at 7 PM. The Board meeting will be
immediately after that meeting.

Job Description