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Holiday Farm Fire 

Many individuals in our community were displaced by the Holiday Farm Fire and many are still displaced. Upper McKenzie Fire is committed to the community and its residents during these hard times. As a department we lost a station and one apparatus in the fire. Several of our department volunteers also lost their homes, we all feel this devestation deeply and we will all get through this together #Mckenziestrong. Upper McKenzie Fire is invested in this community and we will rebuild our station #2 that we lost in time.

Through the Winter as we attempt to prepare for hazzardous weather and further aftershock from this event there are 3 relief centers open throughout the season. These centers are providing access to fresh and ready-to-eat foods and meals, home good. You can find further information on the relief centers in the "Relief Centers" tab. 

We have posted some resources that might be useful to the community as we begin to rebuild in you can fine those in the "Resources" tab. 


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